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The Carlisle Eagles Ballroom is an ideal location to host any type of event.  We offer both informal and formal events.  We have seating for up to 200 people. We can handle weddings, birthday parties, dances, corporate events and community events.  We also offer a ten lane bowling center that can be rented for a special party or function.

Contact Corey Wells at: 717-249-2711 ext. 6


It's wonderful to hear that the Fraternal Order of Eagles offers a comprehensive range of services, including facility rentals. These services can greatly enhance the experience of events held at your facility:

  1. Bar Service: Providing a variety of beverages and cocktails to cater to the preferences of event attendees.

  2. Buffets: Offering diverse food options and self-service dining for events, ensuring guests have a delightful culinary experience.

  3. Served Banquet Dinners: Providing formal, plated meal service for special occasions, adding an elegant touch to events.

  4. Flatware, China, and Linen Rentals: Offering essential tableware and linen rentals to elevate the presentation and ambiance of events.

These services, in combination with facility rentals, make your organization a versatile and accommodating choice for a wide range of events, from casual gatherings to formal banquets.

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